Noncompliance puts your growth and reputation at risk. HR and global mobility experts are trying to keep up, but policies are complicated. The number of assignees is increasing, and so is the workload. Companies struggle to get a comprehensive view of the global landscape, including:


Sarbanes-Oxley noncompliance results in fines in the millions and possible jail time. Not to mention lawsuits and negative publicity.


Immigration noncompliance varies from country to country, but penalties range from fines and deporting assignees to criminal sanctions.


How personal data is stored and shared is under a microscope. Fines and legal costs can run in the billions.

GS3 is the only solution on the market to guarantee compliance and pay any fines should they be levied. Since those fines can be steep, that’s a solid guarantee. We understand what it means to have a 100% compliant payroll system. A true global payroll is a complex process with many components including:

  • Handling multiple global locations
  • Integrating data within corporate HRIS/ERP systems
  • Meeting country specific compliance requirements
  • Providing international tax preparation/reporting
  • Providing secure data storage capabilities

With GS3 you are 100% guaranteed compliant with U.S. Safe Harbor, Sarbanes-Oxley, and E.U. Data Protection

As a registered Data Controller, we provide a fully-compliant process that meets or exceeds all international data and fund transfer requirements. Currently conducting business in 146 countries/territories and growing.

Our solution meets or exceeds OFAC, SAS 70, U.S. Safe-Harbor, E.U. Data Protection, SOX 404 and Anti-Money Laundering, ISO 17799 and/or 27001. We ensure your business operations are properly registered in every country, including corporate entity, tax and social security, individual certificates of coverage and immigration status.

Failure to ensure compliance could lead to fines, loss of business, or legal ramifications.

GS3 ensures you are in complete global compliance!