GS3, LLC was formed in 2010 as a global alliance between the Cartwright Companies and Expatriate Management Services (EMS). Cartwright has an 80-year history providing global mobility solutions. Since 2002, EMS has been the only Globally Compliant Registered-Data-Controller (versus a data processor or aggregator), carrying the full fiduciary responsibility to clients who engage us for payroll services.

In 2015, GS3 expanded its mission in the Global Mobility industry by bringing Nexus Relocation Group, LLC on board as an Integrated Member of GS3 LLC. The Nexus team has more than 55 years of corporate relocation experience. Nexus is an Employee Relocation Council (ERC) designated Certified Relocation Professional (CRP ) and Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) and have received numerous national and regional awards as well as recognition from industry organizations and publications.

GS3 provides the first and only complete end-to-end business process methodology and creates a new paradigm for global payroll and payments to integrate local employee and international expatriate payroll, payments, tax, banking, accounting and information management. GS3 focuses on providing compliant Global Payroll Management and Global Mobility solutions with the ability to fully integrate with all ERP or HRIS systems currently in the marketplace.

Our global mobility solutions are completely customizable and scalable – from 20 expatriates to a global workforce. GS3 provides the services and programs you need in combination with the flexibility required to meet and exceed the demands of your business. Our goal is to be the single source solution service provider of choice for global companies in the areas of international relocation, mobility, and payroll .


Globe on corporate conference table


GS3 has a proven global value proposition and the capabilities to deliver high-quality global payroll and mobility services while minimizing the risk of non-compliance and creating significant human and financial efficiencies.


GS3 focuses on establishing a client-driven service and technology platform, based on your company’s policies and programs. Our online client portal’s customizable dashboards allow for real-time visual tracking of all your global activities.


We achieve our results through a synthesis of the Integrated Members of GS3, LLC and our Integrated Partners. This unique integration enables GS3 to implement high-value services on your behalf within a single dynamic operating system.


GS3 partners with industry leading businesses, providing them with the highest quality global mobility services possible.