Will Global Expat Assignments Cost More in 2018?

By Nancy Paustian, CPA, H&R Block Expat Tax Services The H&R Block Expat Tax Services team includes tax attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents. We are experts in U.S. taxation issues for Americans working abroad. We handle both simple and complex tax situations. Due to the complexity of U.S. tax reporting for expats and [...]

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Behind the Curtain – Expense Management and Payments

By Peter Holland, Managing Director, EMS – an Integrated Member of GS3 When sending monies around the world, aside from accurate and timely delivery of payments, organizations must be compliant, cost effective and have control of their funds. Whereas payroll is the substantial part of company costs, within the Global Mobility Environment the assignment package, [...]

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EU Safe Harbor Judgment Brings Uncertainty to US Global Mobility and Payroll Operations

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) handed down a decision this past October determining the level of US Safe Harbor data privacy protection scheme offered by companies subscribing to it no longer meets the strict requirements of the EU Data Protection Directive. The impact the CJEU judgment has had on the global [...]

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